“Show&Tell”,澳门永利:展小枫叶姿采 ——记天津泰达枫叶小学校区“缤纷交换日”的快乐场面

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    The autumn is coming, all the Maple Leaf elementary students 

    assembled on the soccer field. The students were looking forward

     to this English theme activities of elementary department for a 

    long time.


    All the students and teachers participated in the “Show and Tell”

     English day activity on September 29th. The students brough with

     their favortie things, which includes toys, books and DIY works to

     the soccer field. They tried to communicate with each other in 

    English and shared their favorite things with their friends. During 

    this activity, all the children practiced alot in their English skills and

     got to know with each other.


    Before this activity, all the bilingual and international teachers had

     the “ Show and Tell-theme teaching week. ” We taught our kids

     the basic sentences and words for describing things, so that they 

    can use these in daily life. The children seemed to enjoy using their

     English ability and have grown with more confident. In the future, 

    we would invite you to join us for such happy and meaningful events. 

    The best education is to accompany the children to grow up. 

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