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    Peter Embleton

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new students and their families to our school. You are joining a unique community and by coming here you are declaring that you want to succeed academically. You will explore your talents and develop the skills to help you become a well rounded person. At Maple Leaf, you will do this with the help of your teachers, counselors and parents.

    首先,借此机会,我想欢迎所有刚刚加入到枫叶大家庭的新生们。 枫叶是一个独特的群体。在这里,你在学业上会有所作为。同时,你的天赋也会得到最大程度的施展。这一切,也都离不开老师,领事和父母的帮助与陪伴。

    To our returning students and their families; welcome back! You will now be the example for our younger students. It is up to you to help guide our young and new students and show them what it means to belong to the Maple Leaf community.


    This is an exciting time to be at MLIS Tianjin-TEDA. We are having a new 10 story building being added to our campus. It will contain new office space, 30 classrooms, computer labs, an auditorium, libraries, and exhibition and meeting space. A new dormitory and cafeteria will also be built. Completion for these projects will be in the 2017 school year.

    今年是非常令人期待的一年。天津泰达枫叶国际学校即将建成一座综合大楼, 涵盖新的办公区域,30余间教室,机房,报告厅,图书馆,展览馆以及会议室。 新的宿舍楼和食堂也将陆续建成。 工程预计将于2017年底完工。

    The British Colombia Ministry of Education as been introducing a new curriculum over the last few years. The new grade 10 to 12 curriculum will start in September of 2017. This curriculum is meant to develop students for life in a modern world. As educators we are looking at the curriculum and developing new ways to teach, assess, and help prepare your child for life after Maple Leaf, whatever it may be.

    加拿大BC省教委也将于20179月正式实施新的10-12年级课程。 新的课程引进的目的是为了让学生更好地适应快速发展的社会。 作为教育者,我们也会跟进配套的新教育方案, 考试方法等等,来帮助枫叶的学生为将来做好准备。

    At Maple Leaf, we care not only about the academic potential of your child but also the person they will become. Respect, responsibility, honesty and hard working are the cornerstones of Maple Leaf. We urge each student to be better than they were yesterday; a better student, a better friend, a better example – a better person who shows the values that are so central to what it means to be a member of Maple Leaf.

    在枫叶,我们不仅仅局限于关注学生的成绩;我们更注重培养学生的价值观。 尊重,责任,诚实和勤奋是我们的核心价值观。 我们督促每一个学生成为更好的自己, 更好的同学,更好的朋友,更好的榜样--- 更重要的成为一个更好的人, 可以淋漓尽致地体现出枫叶的价值观的枫叶人。

    On a personal note, I want to let you know how proud I am to be the Principal of MLIS Tianjin-TEDA. It is truly an honour to work with a dedicated group of educators that we have here. The students who are here want to be successful and are motivated and focused on being their best, in every aspect of school life.

    我非常自豪可以作为天津泰达枫叶国际学校的加方校长, 与我们兢兢业业的团队成员一起努力,帮助枫叶的学生们,不仅追求学业上的,而是校园生活各个层面的成功。

    Peter Embleton

    BC Principal


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