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    Introduction of Maple Leaf Education Park–Tianjin TEDA

    Maple Leaf Educational Park-Tianjin, the first educational park located outside of Dalian under the China Maple Leaf Educational Systems, includes the TEDA, Huayuan, and Kindergarten campus. Maple Leaf Educational Park-Tianjin follows the Maple Leaf educational program, models, and philosophy. The Educational Park implements quality education by blending the best from China and Canada, and offers first-class services to all students regardless of their race, colour or nationality. The goal is to build an advanced, different, unique and featured school with an emphasis on English strength and personal development.

    Founded in May 2008, Maple Leaf International Schools-Tianjin TEDA encompasses preschool, elementary school, middle School and high school. Middle school and elementary school provide a Chinese national nine-year compulsory educational program. High school introduces BC textbooks from Canada as well as evaluation system and provides a bilingual and dual diploma educational program certified by both China and Canada, which presents a pathway for the students to world famous universities.

    Maple Leaf Kindergarten-Tianjin TEDA officially opened in September 2016. Situated in a different campus, the kindergarten offers daily bus service. The kindergarten introduces original multi intelligence information program from Singapore and English textbooks from the United States. Students are taught in small-sized classes by both Chinese and international professional teachers. English courses account for over 60% of all the courses.


    Pre-school and Kindergarten offers the Maple Leaf program specifically designed for student born on 2011.9.1~2013.8.31 to ensure a smooth transition from pre-school to elementary school. Our program adopts Montessori teaching methods with emphasis on English teaching to develop children’s skills in language, math, PE, arts, science and interpersonal relationship. Our objective is to facilitate children’s psychological, intellectual and behavioral transition to set a solid foundation for their development in elementary school.

    Enrollment Standard (G1-6) No exam for Pre-school and G1, just interview and English level test; G2-6 students will take an English and math exams as a reference, Students must submit previous school transcript, a copy of their passport, two one-inch colour photos and exam fees. (100 American dollars)

    Maple Leaf Middle School adheres to philosophy of “Striving for Educational Excellence and Being the Best we can Be” and practices the guideline of “Respect, Care, Guidance and Achievement”. We blend the best of China and the west to cultivate International elites. We implement comprehensive quality education and nurture students’ all-around development.

    Enrollment Standard (S6-8):

    Students have to take English, math and mandarin exams (75 for English and math each, 50 for mandarin). Students who score higher than 150 will be enrolled. Students must submit previous school transcript, a copy of their passport, two one-inch color photos and exam fees. (100 American Dollars)

    Maple Leaf High School is the first offshore school accredited by British Columbia Ministry of Education, Canada. Students will receive authentic Canada’s high school education in China. BC Program introduces Western science and Western teaching models, which is characterized by respecting students’ individuality, cultivating students’ scientific attitudes, practical skills as well as humanistic values and assessing students’ learning process, ability and attitude. The Chinese program focuses on traditional Chinese culture to nurture students’ Chinese cultural awareness.

    Enrollment Standard (High School):

    Whoever is qualified in Maple Leaf entrance exams. Students must submit previous school transcript, a copy of their passport, two one-inch color photos and exam fees. (100 American dollars)

    Registration day: Reference to the Admission notice

    Tuition fees:

    Senior High school$7,500/ half a year

    Junior High school$5,000/half a year

    primary school$4,000/half a year


    Tel. TEDA Campus  022-66226288022-66226088


    Weibo @天津泰达枫叶国际学校


    Wechat TTMLIS-022-66226088



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